Federal Estate Buyers - Pawn Shop

Federal Estate Buyers - Pawn Shop

Federal Estate Buyers - Pawn ShopFederal Estate Buyers - Pawn ShopFederal Estate Buyers - Pawn Shop

About Us


    At Federal Estate Buyers and Pawn, we provide our loyal shoppers with a broad assortment of continuously changing inventory. The only thing that remains the same is our low prices. Our helpful sales associates are happy to assist you in finding the right item at the right price to fit your budget and shopping needs.   


  We have a great showroom here at  Federal Estate Buyers where we offer a  wide variety of items for sale  at huge discounts. Looking for an  engagement ring? Maybe you need a tool  to finish a job? We have a large  inventory of new and previously owned  items for sale. Need more time  to pay? We have a flexible layaway plan available for you. Our friendly  and professional staff is always ready to help you find the items you're  looking for here at Federal Estate Buyers and Pawn. 


 Sometimes  you just need a little extra cash. Maybe you have an unexpected  expense, or you need a little extra money to make an important purchase.  Whatever your situation is, Federal Estate Buyers and Pawn is here to  help. We offer collateral loans of all sizes that are tailored to your  needs.   

We Buy and Sell Items and Gold!


Musical Instrument and Accessories

  Federal  Estate Buyers and Pawn offers an appealing selection of second-hand,  brand-name musical instruments and  accessories. Whether you’re in the  market for a new guitar or need  strings and equipment for your current  instrument, we’ve got what you’re  looking for at great prices. Check  out our hand-selected merchandise today and get more for your money.   


Electronics and tools

  Here  at our pawn shop we have a large selection of electronics ranging from  speakers and printers to computers and tablets.  Whatever electronics  you need, we will be sure to help you find it. We also have many  electric tools and hand tools, everything from saws and drills to  screwdrivers and sockets. You can find the right tool for the job here  at Federal Estate Buyers and Pawn.  


gold and jewelry

  At  Federal Estate Buyers and Pawn we have a wide selection of eye catching  gold and silver jewelry. We also buy all kinds of gold including scrap  gold and broken jewelry. Whether you need some quick cash to pay some  bills or you are looking for an engagement ring, a new gold chain, or  nice gift for a special occasion, we can help you! Feel free to stop by  our pawn shop and take a look!  

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We appreciate our customers here at Federal Estate Buyers and Pawn, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  

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